In 1978, Ghandourah Trading Est. came into establishment as a franchise of Schneider Electric in Panel Switchgear manufacture as well as trading of electrical materials from top-notch international suppliers, while also offering the most appropriate solutions customized for the Saudi Market. The company rapidly began to evolve and continually upgrade itself over the years, expanding its list of services and range of products, as well as undertaking various projects, from the small-scale to the large-scale (residential, industrial, palaces, hospitals, government and commercial buildings, universities, hotels, banks, towers, shopping complexes, corporations, and many, many more). To meet market needs it started a small factory by the name of “Ghandourah Factory” specialized in low voltage panels & with the growth of the demand it changes this small factory to larger scale by the name of “Jeddah Panel Board Factory”.

With its expansion, sister companies have been established in order to organize the various electrical business activities and services provided by Ghandourah Trading Est. and thus came into existence Maghrabi Trading Est. in 1989 (focusing on retail of electrical equipments) and Jeddah Panel Board Factory in 1996 (specializing in low voltage panel manufacture and providing solutions). Our two newest sister companies, established in 2010 Union Electric, (focus solely in the distribution of electrical materials & wiring Accessories) & “Nabil Metal Industries Factory” which comes from Ghandourah & JPBF experience in Electrical Metal Industry to serve our companies and the market. Our sales turn over has always been on an upward trend, reaching its peak in 2010 at approximately 100 Million Saudi Riyals. Our total stock value in our main warehouse in Jeddah has peaked over 75 million Saudi Riyals, additional to that stock which in our 13 showrooms over the kingdom to serve the market & our customers everywhere, furthermore, we have 2 main stores in Riyadh & Dammam to cover its own region direct because Ghandourah group policy always is the customer satisfaction.

Our 230 employees include the management team, highly qualified and competent engineers and technicians, as well as highly skilled laborers. Decades of experience from our side have so far culminated in a long list of prestigious clientele that have come to recognize Ghandourah Trading Est. and its affiliates to stand for quality, reliability and readily available products and services at an appropriate cost That is why for over 30 years we have stood for excellence and quality in electrical materials distribution and low-voltage panel building as well as in providing the most energy efficient solutions for our clients. We care for our clients’ safety and our state of the art testing facility coupled with our rigorous quality control policy have been our winning formula all through the years. Boasting a lengthy list of hundreds of thousands of projects, large and small, under various sectors in the Kingdom (governmental, private and commercial), our thousands of reputable clients are testament to our success. With our head office located in Jeddah, our branches and affiliates are spread out all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, eager and ready to meet the various needs of our clients.